I’m loving this… Virtual Circuit Builder!

With DISTANCE LEARNING I wasn’t able to do the hands-on electrical circuits lab with my wonderful 8th graders so I had to come up with another way for them to learn the basics. A web search brought me to this really cool VIRTUAL circuit builder that does NOT use Flash – which is awesome because Flash is no longer supported by Chrome.

Here’s a brief video of how this Phet interactive works.


  • easy to learn how to use
  • can build series and parallel circuits
  • there are a few different components to experiment with such as the light bulb, resistor and switch
  • can experiment with how adding and subtracting components affects resistance.
  • multiples of all of the components can be added, such as adding two batteries to increase voltage
  • the anmeter is fun to play with!
  • you can view the parts of the circuits in symbols to practice with engineering pictograms


  • There are no particular directions so if you want to be sure your students really learn what you want you’ll need to come up directions for them.

Don’t have time to design an activity? No sweat – use mine!

Internet Activity:  Build Circuits Virtually!

My worksheet guides students in
constructing series and parallel
circuits using the Phet interactive.
No prep required – just have
students watch the video above so
they know how to attach/detach

Build Series & Parallel Circuits, Virtually!

With DISTANCE LEARNING I wasn’t able to do the electrical circuits lab with my wonderful 8th graders so I created a worksheet in Google doc to guide them through constructing circuits, digitally, using a free online circuit builder!

electrical circuits activity coverThis activity allows students to experiment with the basics of circuitry, virtually. It works great when distance learning (Google doc worksheet) is necessary or as an introductory activity to a hands-on circuitry lab.

The worksheet guides students in making and analyzing circuits using this interactive.

Students (virtually) construct series and parallel circuits such as these:

Students learn about and measure resistance and voltage as they add resistors and other components to their circuits.

SEE IT ALL BY GOING TO THE PHET CIRCUIT CONSTRUCTION KIT and then make your life easy by purchasing the ready-to-go worksheet!