About Generation Science

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I’m thrilled that you have stopped by my blog because this means that you probably enjoy science learning and teaching like I do!

A love of learning led me to being a teacher. A love of nature and understanding how things work led me to teaching science. The world is amazing and I take the job of proving this fact seriously!

Seeing my students be excited and interested in what they are learning is beautiful and it goes along with the very serious and rigorous work that I guide them through.

If you are interested in engaging and serious science work for your students then consider my lessons, webquests, labs and more here.  Many of my products are along the sidebar too.

If you have purchased one of my products you can send your students to this site to easily access any links they need to complete the activity.

If you are looking for any advice on how to teach a science topic (5th-9th grade) feel free to contact me at generationscience3@gmail.com. I’d be happy to help!